Big weekend ahead on short notice

Everybody hold on to your seats because it’s finally happening! We’ve been looking for the right place and people to do this for years and now everything is falling into place eventually.

Tomorrow we will be opening our very first YUM YUM in one of Germany’s most beautiful cities that is HAMBURG! Max Mausser and myself will be djing at Unterm Strich which is located at Reeperbahn 136.

It is a charity club which means all earnings after expenses are going to a charity picked by Jannes Vahl and his crew. But you best read that for yourself on their homepage or Facebook page since they do a far better job at explaining this than I could ever do. But it is exactly that kind of spirit of togetherness that YUM YUM is all about.

I truly couldn’t be more happy! The only thing that get’s me nearly excited is that I’m going to watch the new Star Wars movie tonight. Oh boy! *snickering*

So here’s for the round up:

YUM YUM Opening // Unterm Strich (Hamburg)

Tand Williams & Max Mausser
Friday, Dec 18th
Doors 0:00 o’clock
Facebook event

So much for up north, now what’s happening south?

Here’s what’s: Chris and our very own Pretty Boy are taking over the infamous Jazzhaus for yet another full on installation of YUM YUM. Bring a friend and come early!! That place is known to be packed and sold out in no time. You don’t want to miss out on those two when you’re anywhere near the area!

10x Free Entry // Secure yourself a seat on the guest list wagon

Chris asked me to put this in. As usual he’ll be giving away 10x seats on the guest list. So check out the Facebook Event and learn how to join in on the madness. So click away below and tell a friend!

YUM YUM // Jazzhaus (Freiburg)

Pretty Boy & Funk Messiah
Friday, Dec 18th
Doors 23:00 o’clock
Facebook Event

Last but most certainly not least there is of course YUM YUM at suite 15. DJs for the night will be Marki and Thommy Montana.

YUM YUM // suite 15 (Regensburg)

Marki & Thommy Montana
Friday, Dec 18th
Doors 23:00 o’clock
Facebook Event

That’s All Folks!

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