Now here’s one close to my chest.

A couple of buddies came up with the idea of creating a calendar for the upcoming year. So far so exciting. See the idea was to portrait a certain region of good ol’ Germany which I call home: namely the Ruhr area or Ruhrpott as we like to call it.


The scenes were supposed to portrait everyday life of a not so distant past in the golden area of Opel (or Vauxhall if that rings any bells) which logo used to be a lightning, hence the name Blitzgeschichten (which roughly translates to lightning stories). Here are a few examples… (click to enlarge).

They started a crowdfunding campaign on Startnext and were able to achieve their goal of producing the calendar. It’s in production as I’m writing this post and I’m already thrilled to get my hands on a copy.

Here is the link to their blog and their Facebook page if you’re interested (everything in German though).

To celebrate the release in a few days Ansgar, Meike and Philipp are throwing a little party in Bochum (where else?!) and I will be playing a few of my favourite jams in the early hours. So come by and dance with us!

Here’s the link to the inevitable Facebook event for the details.

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