Dan Gerous & Notfx – A VICII MONEY

Dear friends and our very own Dan Gerous & Notfx meanwhile better known for running not one (Crux) but two (Downtown Flash) clubs plus a restaurant (Spezlwirtschaft) in the midst of Munich did it again.

The two busiest men in fry business delivered a superb remix of Avicii’s „Pure Grinding“. Nuff said. Enjoy!

BONUS: Live routine #onetake

A VlCll MONEY Routine – Dan Gerous & Notfx

Crux Pistols Peng Peng! Notfx & I recorded a short DJ routine with our new track „A VlCll MONEY“ right in the Pistols Bar!
Download A VlCll MONEY here: https://hearthis.at/notfx/a-vicii-money/ Gehma!

Posted by Dan Gerous on Wednesday, November 18, 2015

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