Listen to Disclosure and Lorde’s Magnets!

So I’ve been to the Disclosure show in Berlin with a few dear friends of mine in Berlin just yesterday. No, that’s neither Disclosure nor Lorde on that picture and yes, that blurry dude to the right is me.


The show was sold out but not too packed and started early. Disclosure entered the DJ booth around eleven pm as far as I remember and started off with »When A Fire Starts To Burn« right away. The crowd went mental in an instant. I think I’ve never been to a DJ gig on a Tuesday but so far no complaints over here.

BONUS: More Disclosure from the mothership (aka ChromeMusic)

Anyway… enough with the chit chat already…

Their new album is called Caracal and will hit the shelves iTunes and the likes on September, 25th which will be the day after tomorrow. I’m already hooked, so with no further a due here’s Magnets feat. the one and only Lorde.

Edit: The video I posted earlier has been taken down. I provided the Spotify player instead. Go here to unlock the video if it pleases you.

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