The inevitable Drake Hotline Bling round up

I guess it was just a question of time. It simply had to happen. So let’s just start off with a no brainer here by providing the original song so everybody’s on the same hotline page.

Ignoring Drake’s unbelievably goofy dance moves one has to admit he somewhat triggered a viral outrage which calling “The internet has a field trip …” doesn’t come close to what’s actually happening.

Let’s continue our journey with an actual cover version by Disclosure & Sam Smith in the Live Lounge.

Of course there are a gazillion of gifs out there which take on a let’s just say not so serious approach on the subject.

Here’s a collection of different dance moves ranging from »The Call Me Maybe« to »The Snoopy Is My Spirit Animal« by the Vulture (opens in a new tab). Or you can simply check out for way more gifs on the topic.

So this is the part where it gets golden.

There are numerous cover versions from the perspective of women. Here’s a video I came across on YouTube which led me to another version but first things first.

The song is available for download on iTunes as well.

I’d say that’s brilliant already but having Erykah Badu covering your song is everything!! It’s a 7 min (!) rework starting off much as the original song and drifting to the likes of »If you’re calling for shit in general, press 4«.

This is brilliant!!

And if thats not quite enough or you’re even looking to conduct a remix by yourself here’s the a cappella (smiley face).

Bonus: Funny Vine collection

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