The new Major Lazer video is inspiring.

The worldwide banger “Light it up” is blessed with new visuals.
The video was shot during a traditional funeral in Ghana, showing what I always wished for my last dance. People dancing and drinking, having a good time and wiping the last tear from their eyes.


YUM YUM this Saturday

I’ll keep this one short and leave you to the music we’ve posted over the week. We’re gonna have to events this Saturday. Wellkee will be travelling all the way to Kiel from Berlin to make his very first appearance at ye olde Ben Briggs. You’ll be in for a treat!

YUM YUM // Ben Briggs (Kiel)

Wellkee & friends
Saturday, Mar 5th
Doors 23:00 o’clock
Facebook Event

In the meantime soul brother Shoyu will be heading out for another instalment of YUM YUM at Red Cat in Mainz.

YUM YUM // Red Cat (Mainz)

Shoyu & friends
Saturday, Mar 5th
Doors 23:00 o’clock
Facebook Event

Ain´t nobody does it better.

The cover of this song is not better than the original, but you hear it e v e r y w h e r e.

Let´s be honest, it lost his soul.

Back in 1983, when music videos looked like this, Chaka Kahn mixed funk, R&B and disco and recorded this timeless song. As you know we are up to the time but we stick to this one.

Real ish. No plastic.

Let´s dance to it this weekend and sing along loudly:

+ Chaka Kahn released a brandnew track this month.

A self empowering tune with a lot of soul.

Kendrick Lamar hits the like button.

YUM YUM at Jazzhaus and suite 15 this Friday

This weekend we’ll be performing at bring the sunshine to Freiburg’s very own Jazzhaus as well as to Regensburg’s suite 15.

Chris told me they’ll be giving away three free tickets for the rest of the year, meaning the lucky winners will be able to attend every upcoming YUM YUM at Jazzhaus in 2016 for free! Say what?! Dude must have lost his marbles if you ask me but then again… who cares what I’ve to say anyway. haha. Go ahead and check out the Facebook event below for details!!

YUM YUM // Jazzhaus (Freiburg)

Max Mausser & Funk Messiah
Friday, Feb 19th
Doors 23:00 o’clock
Facebook Event

Our second instalment this weekend will be at suite 15 featuring the talents of Max Mausser & The Mausettes Marki! As you know those guys know what they’re doing so you’ll be in for a treat. Doors will be 11 pm as usual so don’t be late!

YUM YUM // suite 15 (Regensburg)

Marki & Pretty Boy
Friday, Feb 19th
Doors 23:00 o’clock
Facebook Event

The Day Beyoncé Turned Black

"The Day Beyoncé Turned Black"

When Beyoncé dropped Formation, the internet lost its collective mind — some more than others.

Posted by Saturday Night Live on Sunday, February 14, 2016

PSA: YUM YUM // Your Weekend In a Nutshell

After the insane opening back in January we’re back with the second instalment of YUM YUM at 19 DOWN this very Friday (meaning tomorrow).

Check out some pictures of the opening back in January

DJ duties will be up to myself and I’ll bring 19 DOWN resident Shawn Tight as support. Make sure to get there really early because judging from the last time the club will be packed in no time.

Looking very much forward to this one since we had a blast last time around!

YUM YUM // 19 DOWN (Essen)

Tand Williams & Support by Shawn Tight
Friday, Feb 12th
Doors 23:00 o’clock
Facebook Event

On Saturday Superior and Ringo will make the rounds at Stuttgart’s very own Zwölfzehn. From what I’ve heard Salome will be in charge of your drinks so you’ll be in for a treat on all fronts.

YUM YUM // Zwölfzehn (Stuttgart)

Superior & Support by Ringo
Saturday, Feb 13th
Doors 23:00 o’clock
Facebook Event

J Dilla changed my life

Today I listened to the radio and stumbled across a radio program that caught my attention while driving home. On this date ten years ago exactly J Dilla passed away. While he was only 32 years old he already was one of the most influential Hip Hop artists (according to Wikipedia and her mom).

I really don’t want to write that much but simply leave you with a few of his productions. Please feel free to take the opportunity to google some of his works or take out that LP or CD from its dusty shelf, put it on and turn it up.

Also if you’re happen to speak German you can listen to the feature I listened to earlier right here.

Bonus: Listen to Donuts (Full Album)