Serato Presents – The Rub Live mix – November

Buddies DJ Ayres and Eleven aka The Rub™ delivered a new mix presented by Serato and recorded live at Verboten on 13th of November.

Make sure to check out the full interview here and also check out out their blog over here.

If you’re anywhere near NYC you must absolutely go to one of their parties at either the Bellhouse or Verboten. Must see!

Writing this post reminds that we haven’t been in touch for quite some time now and I really do miss having those guys over at YUM YUM. We flew them in on several occasions and I even went on visiting them on another gig in Hamburg. Good times!

It’s definitely time again for some pasta sandwiches (don’t ask) and some heavy couching! haha

Anyway… listen to the mix as it’s really good! Enjoy!

Serato Presents – The Rub Live November 2015 by Serato on Mixcloud


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