Upcoming weekend is going to be insane

Usually I’m not that much into superlatives but please bear with me this one time and if you read on you will see why I ask you to do so.

Upcoming weekend we’ll be taking over four (!) venues in Berlin, Dortmund, Krefeld and Mainz! Two of which will be openings. I myself will be playing at two occasions at Daddy Blatzheim and Haubentaucher on Friday and Saturday. But let’s just not get ahead of ourselves.

So first things first.

We’ll be starting the weekend off in Dortmund at Daddy Blatzheim on Friday. I’ll be djing with our very own Pretty Boy D-Nice! It’s been a while and I’m really looking forward to that one! PS: Here’s a picture of us eating a sausage. Of course properly dressed for the occasion. Ha!

YUM YUM // Daddy Blatzheim (Dortmund)

Tand Williams & Pretty Boy D-Nice!
Friday, Sep 25th
Doors 23 o’clock
Facebook Event

From there I’ll be travelling east and team up with buddy Marius aka No Mango. We’ll be hosting the opening in Berlin’s very own Haubentaucher. It’s been a while since we’ve been to Berlin. I remember having a blast with Giampi the last time I’ve played in Berlin though… so, it’s good to be back!

YUM YUM Opening // Haubentaucher (Berlin)

Tand Williams & No Mango
Saturday, Sep 26th
Doors 21 o’clock
Facebook Event

Meanwhile Chris and Wellkee invited SOULFORCE mastermind Fizzle to make an appearance at Schlachthof in Krefeld on Saturday as well. The guys will be running two floors. I’ve been playing alongside Fizzle once myself back when we joined forces for the first time a few years ago. You’ll be in for a treat. #airhorn 😉

Also the guys are giving away free entry. Check out the Facebook Event to learn how.

YUM YUM meets SOULFORCE // Schlachthof (Krefeld)

Chris Burton, Wellkee & Fizzle
Saturday, Sep 26th
Doors 23 o’clock
Facebook Event

Last but most certainly not least we’re taking over Red Cat in Mainz! We’re there for the first time and can’t wait to deliver the goods! DJ duties will be up to Meskla who will be supported by Bobby Knows. This also marks the second opening we will be celebrating this weekend so make sure to put on some proper dancing shoes!

YUM YUM Opening // Red Cat (Mainz)

Meskla & Bobby Knows
Saturday, Sep 26th
Doors 23 o’clock
Facebook Event

BONUS: YUM YUM Mixtape Vol 1 by Chrome

YUM YUM Mixtape Vol 1 2004/2005 by Yum Yum on Mixcloud

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