YUM YUM x 3 and I’m taking the weeknd off. Here’s why!

I will not go into details but someone celebrates his (or her) birthday this week and that’s why I’m taking some well deserved time off and will be staying at home for the weekend.

Nonetheless there will be three (as in the magic number) YUM YUM gatherings this very weekend.

You’ll be in for a treat with Notfx, Pretty Boy, Superior, Funk Messiah and Marki at Jazzhaus, Conrad Sohm and Zwölfzehn.

Let’s head for the details.

Yes, you absolutely read that right. On our first stop this Friday we will return once again to where it all started for Freiburg. Namely Freiburg’s very own Jazzhaus. A well known location for many infamous parties and live shows as well right in the midst of Freiburg. DJ duties will be up to Marki and Funk Messiah.

Get yourself on the guest list

Again Chris is generously giving away 10x entries on his guest list for the special occasion. Read on and check out the Facebook event below to enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) competition. Simply accept the invitation and you’re game.

YUM YUM // Jazzhaus (Freiburg)

Marki & Funk Messiah
Friday, Nov 13th
Doors 23 o’clock
Facebook Event

On Saturday we will be taking over Dornbirn’s Conrad Sohm as well as Stuttgart’s Zwölfzehn. Special Forces will be lead by Notfx & Marki (who will apparently be doing a lot of traveling this weekend) at Conrad Sohm and Pretty Boy and Superior at Zwölfzehn.

YUM YUM // Conrad Sohm (Dornbirn)

Notfx & Marki
Saturday, Nov 14th
Doors 23 o’clock
Facebook Event

YUM YUM // Zwölfzehn (Stuttgart)

Pretty Boy & Superior
Saturday, Nov 14th
Doors 23 o’clock
Facebook Event

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